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When you don't know the ins and outs of the auto industry, it's amazing what you can be convinced to sell your car for. Sales teams at dealers will offer you way less than what your car is worth, or a few bucks more for a trade-in. Advertising on a classified site can make you vulnerable to scammers who can take your car in exchange for a bad check. No one should have to go through this just to sell a car, truck, or SUV they no longer want.

That's how we came up with Cash For Your Cars. We believe that regular folks, the sellers, should have the power to choose the best offer that comes their way. After filling out your vehicle and contact information, we'll upload it to our database. In a short amount of time, you'll start receiving offers by real buyers. Don't like the offer? Don't take it. But when you do get the offer that you know you deserve, just click on accept and collect your cash! It's quick and simple because we believe that's how it should be.

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